Tons of info about the new series has been shared about the “Gossip Girl” Reboot by the showrunner.

Details about the Reboot was shared on Twitter by Joshua Safran who used to serve as creator, showrunner and also executive producer. This was shared by Joshua on Sunday September and many fans were answered by him for thier questions for the upcoming HBO Max Series.

Although the not much was shared or revelaed by Joshua but he did tease that the show would be “very, very Queer”, but he said that the main difference between the original series of Gossip Girl and Reboot is that the character would be “divere or queer”.

Gossipe Girl was picked up by HBO Max for 10 episodes for reboot and this was announced in July 2019.
The series was supposed to start the product this summer but due to covid situations it was delayed until 2021.