The 82-year-old director is currently developing a new installment of the popular sci-fi franchise.

Ridley Scott returns to his first love. The 82-year-old director announces in an interview with Forbes that he is preparing a new installment of the Alien franchise . “It’s in development,” he confirmed to the post. He adds, part of his thought process to imagine the next step:“We tried to reinvent the wheel with 

Prometheus (2012) and 

Alien: Covenant  (2017). Whether or not we go straight back to that is uncertain, because 

Prometheus perfectly woke [the franchise]. But, you know, you are asking yourself basic questions like: are the Alien, the facehugger and the  chestburster running out of steam? Should we rethink this whole damn thing and just use the franchise title? That’s always the basic question. “

This reflection of the director follows previous statements, made this summer, where he had already announced that the franchise had to “evolve” if it wanted to continue.

Ridley Scott has been reflecting for at least five years on the right way to develop the Alien universe and preferred to cancel a promising project imagined by Neill Blomkamp ( District 9 ) to focus on his ideas.

The director had thus revealed in March 2017 to work on two other films located in this universe . In 2019, Variety announced that only one movie, announced as a sequel to Prometheus and Alien: Covenant , was finally in the works, without giving more information.

Since the success of the first part in 1979, which revealed Sigourney Weaver, the saga has been enriched by three sequels (directed by James Cameron, David Fincher and the French Jean-Pierre Jeunet) and two prequels, signed by Ridley Scott.