Director Christopher McQuarrie (52) has finally started shooting the seventh ‘Mission Impossible’ film. The filmmaker shared a photo of what looks like a massive stunt on Sunday. “Action! MI7. Day 1”, he writes.

Preparations for filming the seventh film starring Tom Cruise in the role of Ethan Hunt were in full swing when the corona crisis broke out. After a forced shutdown of a few months, the stunt team got to work over the summer planning a series of action scenes, in which a stuntman’s bike caught fire and damaged the set. This again caused a delay, but given McQuarrie’s post, the cameras are now really running.

Cast and crew have settled in Norway, where a huge kind of ramp has been built, as can be seen in the photo that the director shared. There is a person on it, but it is not clear enough to see if it is Cruise. The 58-year-old actor is known for still performing many of his stunts himself.