Johnny Depp blames his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for an injury he sustained a few years ago on his hand. He had to have the tip of his finger sewn back on it at the time, because it was completely cut away. American media believe he is protecting himself against the allegations of domestic violence, hoping to save his career. 

In 2015, when Johnny was busy recording ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’, he was rushed to the hospital for surgery. The wound went to the bone. According to sources on the set, however, the accident did not occur during the recording, but in Johnny’s free time. Depp insisted that it was a set accident, but his girlfriend at the time, Amber Heard, claims something else.

She believed that Depp had inflicted his own injury by smashing a telephone against a counter while trying to attack her. Heard has repeatedly accused Depp of domestic violence, and the lawsuit between the two is still ongoing. Depp keeps coming up with new evidence with which he wants to refute her claims. His statement can be read in a public report of their trial. “She threw a bottle of vodka at me because I had asked her to sign a premarital contract,” he explains. “It was one of many bottles she threw, but in this case I cut myself. The tip of my finger was completely cut off. I had to undergo three surgeries to reconstruct my finger. I feared for my finger, my arm, and my life. “

In addition, he is sure that she has leaked a fake story about his finger on the media to ensure that public opinion works to her advantage. 

Depp is now suing her for 50 million dollars. Earlier, in 2018, Heard already filed a complaint against Johnny for domestic violence. In Depp’s final testimony, he accuses Amber of “inventing different, changing, false stories in connection with so-called injuries sustained”. He believes, for example, that the bruises she showed on photographs were simply the result of a good makeup artist. “She painted them on it.” 

Adam Waldman, Depp’s lawyer, said his client doesn’t like the fact that the American media largely “ignores his overwhelming burden of proof against Heard.” “If you are falsely accused of being an abuser, your career will suffer. He is grateful for the twenty-four eyewitnesses who have come to make a statement in his favor, and the six others who have yet to testify. He doesn’t even know many of them personally. “

The spokesperson for Amber Heard says he is not impressed by the accusations. “This is just Johnny’s last new desperation attempt to save his career from ruin,” it sounds. “He wants to silence Amber, but she won’t. She will continue to proclaim the truth until he has to pay for his actions. ”