JK Rowling

Recently, JK Rowling was accused of transphobia – the writer was at the center of the scandal because of her reaction to the article “Opinion: creating after COVID-19 a more equal world for people who menstruate.”

“People who menstruate. I am sure that there is already a word for designating these people. Someone help me , ”she wrote on her Twitter, adding some distorted forms of the word“ women ”(Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud). Following this tweet, Rowling was harshly criticized for intolerance towards transgender people and gender commanders. 

A few days later, the focus of netizens shifted to a new frank essay by Rowling, in which she admitted that she had been sexually abused when she was about 20 years old. 

“I never spoke publicly about surviving the violence. Not because I am ashamed of what happened to me, but because the memories of what happened hurt me. I’m talking about this now not in order to arouse compassion in anyone, but in order to support women with a story similar to mine, ”wrote the author of a series of books about Harry Potter. She did not disclose the identity of the rapist, but noted that she was then “vulnerable”, and the man “took advantage of her position.” 

Rowling also admitted that she suffered from domestic violence in her first marriage with Georges Arantes. “I barely managed to survive my cruel first marriage, but now I am married to a very good man,” she said. 

JK Rowling also stated that she has sympathy for the trainers, but cares more about women and girls who are abused by men, no matter how they define themselves.