The smartphone industry is made up of multiple companies, each with its own specialty, so to speak. Brands use these companies to obtain their components. But more and more of them want to make their own.

Currently, the majority of smartphones rely on Qualcomm for their chips. Some brands, however, already manufacture their own processors . This is particularly the case for Apple, Samsung or Huawei , to name a few. It would seem today that this is also the strategy wanted by Oppo .

Oppo wants to make its own processors

Interviewed by a local newspaper, Liu Bo, director of Oppo China, said, in part, “This is an important step that Oppo will have to take. We need to tackle chip technologies and make them a very important driving force in our future developments. ” This is a statement that is not really surprising, it goes in the same direction as other giants. And this trend should certainly accelerate in the smartphone industry. No one knows if Oppo will be able to manufacture chips as successful as Qualcomm, in particular, the future will tell us, but the brand seems in any case today well decided.

To reduce its dependence on Qualcomm in particular

There are several reasons which can explain this desire to manufacture its own processors. One is to reduce dependence on other businesses. As said in the introduction, the majority of smartphones are based on Qualcomm components. This means that you have to pay Qualcomm to use its components, which has a significant cost on the final invoice. By being able to make your own processors, this money can be invested elsewhere. It also gives businesses more control over what their devices can and cannot do. As we have seen at Apple with its A chips, the Cupertino company is now able to finely control the evolutions of its chip and the functionality of its products, which makes the user experience even more unique. .