Jimmy Kimmel has regretted a joke that he made about Melania Trump. In a broadcast of his late night show last week, the presenter ridiculed the First Lady’s accent.


Kimmel posted a post on Twitter Sunday with which he wanted to end a row between him and Fox News presenter Sean Hannity. He had attacked him about the jokes, after which the two flew into each other via their TV programs and Twitter.

Hannity called Kimmel “Harvey Weinstein jr.” and Kimmel insinuated insidiously that Hannity secretly had sex with Donald Trump, which gave him criticism from the gay community.

In a long excuse-like Sunday, Kimmel said: “Although I must admit that I enjoyed our argument, I realize that this level of mud throwing on both sides does nothing good, and even harmful, for our country. dedication of Sean Hannity to Donald Trump, I never intended to hurt the gay community and I apologize to those who are offended. ”

Melania Trump

About Melania Trump, the presenter said: “Mrs. Trump has enough to worry about without being used to score ratings.”

He could not leave a small sneer to his conservative colleague presenter. “I hope Sean Hannity continues with this new support to women, immigrants and First Ladies and that he is very successful in this heroic battle.”