The next model of the newly born firm will do better with its next model!

Andy Rubin is not anyone. The man is behind the co-creation of the Android operating system owned by Google today and used by a large number of manufacturers, users … The latter has since created his firm, Essential, which proposed in 2017 a first smartphone: the PH-1. A phone with big technical characteristics – Snapdragon 835 coupled with 4 GB of RAM – but having a big gap: the camera. Andy Rubin, via his design manager, has promised to improve this point for his next phone.

A phone with a higher camera

Because despite the updates of the phone, the latter proposed photos described as ” average ” by most specialized critics. Fortunately, Andy Rubin promises that the next smartphone made in Essential will offer a sensor worthy of the name. It was during an interview for Business Insider that Linda Jiang, Design Manager of Essential, spoke on this specific point.

In general, the criticism that came up most often was the quality of our camera. We look forward to improving our next model by listening to our users and their expectations. We will improve it for them. We can say that we have heard you and that the second generation will be better, that’s for sure.


What reassure those who had loved the PH-1 but were also disappointed (e) s by his camera. Essential has the merit of offering products different from other usual manufacturers.