The studio behind the game of the moment was a new mode.

Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is a huge success in which few players have been able to pass. Only here: some users would like to vary the pleasures and have gone through Reddit to ask the possibility of a gameplay mode. A question to which Epic Games responded positively!

A weapon game mode for Fortnite? Epic Games would floor on it

As a reminder, the Game of Weapons mode offers the same weapon to all players at the beginning of the game. The subtlety lies in the fact that, when one participant is eliminated by another, the latter wins a new weapon. What make intense games and eliminating opponents important. And for good reason: many players have already made a # 1 Battle Royale Fortnite with few kills!



And while the Fortnite community was questioning Epic Games about the release of such a mode, the game’s publisher was rather enthusiastic in its response.

It’s on our to-do list to try a Weapon Mode with progressive change. The storm would arrive sooner so that the players are all in the same place. The respawns would be activated so that the winner is the one at the top of the ladder.

What do you think ? From gold Scar to pistols, from weak to strong weapons? I think a debate can be interesting …

Other news we learn this publication: a respawn would be activated, unlike the Battle Royale mode. Death would not be synonymous with the end of the game for less talented players.