Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson (41) has fluctuated a lot with her weight in recent years and has often struggled with it. On her Instagram, however, she says that she is now a lot more comfortable in her own skin. The singer posted a bikini photo with the message that she is “proud” of the body that she has obtained with the help of hard work and self-love.

“I have shed some tears of happiness”

‘I have gained and lost a lot of weight three times over. I never thought this moment would ever happen, but now I’m finally wearing a BIKINI!! It’s cost me blood, sweat and tears, but I’m proud of it and have shed some tears of happiness,” Jessica said.


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Jessica revealed in an earlier interview that she loses weight by taking 14,000 steps a day and monitoring her diet. “Listen, I’m a girl from the southern states of America, so I just can’t live on a leaf of lettuce all day. I love ‘southern comfort food’. The only difference is that now I can’t eat the whole plate. eat, but only half.

It must remain fun and tasty. In addition, I try to find my balance. Suppose I have a weekend with parties and birthdays, then I want to eat and drink what I want. And then I have to take it easy for a few days, because I have a body that gains weight quickly. You know, a few extra pounds here and there really don’t matter to me, but I do want to maintain my weight now. That makes me a better mother.