Will Smith

Today is going to be an exciting day for Will Smith (53). The actor will hear today about the consequences of the blow he handed out to Chris Rock during the presentation of the Oscars. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the organization behind the film awards, is expected to make a decision.

“I want to work to ensure that I will never again allow violence to prevail over reason”

The board was not supposed to discuss the consequences of the blow until April 18, but has brought the meeting forward because Will announced last week that he had canceled his membership at the Academy. It is not known what other possible consequences will be discussed today.

Will said in a statement that he violated the trust of the Academy and denied his fellow actors who were nominated for or won an Oscar the chance to celebrate their success. He also expressed renewed regret for his act, writing that he will “work to ensure that I will never again allow violence to triumph over reason.” Will hit Chris for making a joke about his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith. She suffers from the hair disease alopecia.

Because Will has canceled his membership, he can no longer vote for the Oscars. Also, he can no longer attend every event that the Academy organizes. His decision won’t affect the Oscar he himself won last week for Best Actor in a Lead role, unless the Academy decides to take it from him. Will could also just be nominated for an Oscar in the future.