The singer revealed that Emme was also frustrated and angry with the global health crisis …

Jennifer Lopez opened up about the pandemic and the coronavirus blockade, and told in an interview with Spanish radio El Zol 107.9 that she had moments when she “felt very bad” about her mental health, and revealed that her daughter Emme also was affected by the global health crisis.

The 51-year-old singer admitted that like many people around the world, she too faced some difficulties.

“Is not easy. During the pandemic, I think we all had a moment where we were depressed or afraid of what was going to happen. I had a lot of moments where I felt really bad. My children too, ”he said.

Jennifer recalled a time when her daughter Emme said she was angry and frustrated that 2020 was already ending and with that of the pandemic, she was away from her friends:

“My daughter came to my bed crying and she said, ‘Why is this happening? I miss my friends. Why is this happening in our lives? ‘ With everything that was going on, protests and other things that were happening, I told him that sometimes things have to change, and when they change, sometimes it hurts a little. But they are things that happen for the good of all. Sometimes we need to live these moments and we must stay strong and be grateful, because we have too many things, we have our health, we are together, we have love, “he explained.