The singer and Sam Asghari have escaped to Maui for an anticipated birthday celebration.

Britney Spears and her boyfriend Sam Asghari flew to Hawaii for a birthday getaway.

The 38-year-old singer and her boyfriend took a private jet for “a little trip to paradise,” and the ‘Hold It Against Me’ star shared a handful of photos on her Instagram page.

“It felt like a little trip to paradise for an anticipated birthday celebration,” she captioned a photo of her and Sam in front of the plane while wearing face covers.

The singer also posted a photo of herself sitting on the jet, as well as photos of the fruit tray on board, along with the caption: “I’m doing all that work on you right now… PS. . I wanted to be creative. “

He went on to share a couple of cute selfies of the couple when they arrived in Maui, just over two weeks before their birthday on December 2.

The holidays come in the middle of a turbulent year for the star, who has been fighting to have her father Jamie removed as her legal guardian. Earlier this month, he was denied a request for his father to be immediately fired, despite alleging that the pop superstar is “scared” of him.

The singer reportedly refuses to return to the stage until Jamie stops supervising her affairs.