Jennifer Lopez on the set of the movie “Second Act”

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Jennifer Lopez was seen shooting the movie “Second Act” in a store!

 Jennifer Lopez is a talented singer, but not only! The star has also tried the cinemaduring his career, and it is a medium that seems to like him a lot because it does not get tired! The singer was indeed seen by chance while filming in a store in New York, United States, this Monday.

An unexpected surprise that guests of the establishment certainly did not miss to immortalize! In addition, it is not in his usual alluring clothes that the singer was dressed but in cashier dress …


Jennifer Lopez, her new film

In reality, Jennifer Lopez was shooting a scene for her new movie called “Second Act”. And she was not alone since she was in the company of the actress Leah Remini, she also in the movie! But that’s not all. Another actress joined the project recently and JLO had even announced it directly on her Instagram account, this is Vanessa Hudgens!

If it has not been seen on the set, it will not be long! In any case, she will reply to JLO in this romantic comedy that tells the fight of a cashier to change jobs despite his lack of diplomas …

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