More than 170 episodes later, Dora the Explorer is about to give up television for the cinema. And it is in the company of Michael Bay that the heroine will land in the dark rooms.

Is Michael Bay fed up with robot-knight-dinosaur cars ? This is the question that can be asked when discovering his brand new project. As the Hollywood Reporter has just unveiled, Transformers’ dad will soon tackle the story of … Dora the Explorer.

Dora in full crisis of adolescence in the cinema?

You read that, he and his partners at Platinum Dunes will start producing a live adaptation of the famous animated series, ie with real actors / actresses. And if few details are currently known, we can already expect a surprising result. And for good reason, not only will this movie follow Dora and her cousin Diego as a teenager (the heroine is supposed to be 7 years old in the cartoon) ready to move in town, but in addition, it will be written / directed by Nick Stoller . Who ? This is the director of American Trip and Our Worst Neighbors .

Should we expect unbridled, explosive and slightly traumatic adaptation for the youngest? Hard to say as the brand “Dora the Explorer” is powerful with children. Nevertheless, one can only be intrigued by such a project. However we prefer to prevent: we will not hesitate to be reimbursed for our cinema if there is not a single explosion at the Michael Bay in the film.