On the occasion of the shooting of Deadpool 2, a stunt woman was unfortunately killed. A tragedy for his family and the team, which returned Josh Brolin.

It is Monday, August 14, 2017 that the shooting of Deadpool 2 was marked by a tragedy. When recording a new action scene, Joi ‘SJ’ Harris, a 40-year-old professional bike rider, died after a terrible accident . Engaged by the production to perform the cascades of the actress Zazie Beetz (Domino), she unfortunately lost control of his vehicle before coming crashing into a glass building.

A complicated drama to avoid

A real drama that has upset Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool): ” We have tragically lost a member of the team on the set of Deadpool We are heartbroken, we are shocked and devastated ” and on which returned Josh Brolin at the microphone of the Associated Press. And as Cable’s interpreter unveiled , this tragedy was finally played out on a few things.

” There was a death at Deadpool 2 and it was an absolutely tragic accident … Joi ‘SJ’ Harris was a great woman (…) She was not a professional stunt girl. She has taken a nano-decision made to save her motorcycle, you know what I mean, you can turn the question in any direction, things are sometimes just tragic. “

Between this drama, a fatal accident on the set of The Walking Dead and the injury of Tom Cruise during Mission Impossible 6, this year has been black for productions. It remains to be seen whether security reforms on the plateaux will soon be put in place to improve the protection of everyone.