After receiving complaints from several clients, the hotel in which Cardi B resided reportedly called the police. The police would then fired the rapper. And this one, very angry, accused the staff of the hotel of racism.

Cardi B fired, she cries racism

Cardi B, whose tube “Bodak Yellow” became No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 , would she have been a victim of racism ? As reported by TMZ , the one that could be the new Nicki Minaj would have been fired from the Hilton Albany hotel, in the state of New York in the United States.

After performing in concert at the Times Union Center in Albany, it was at this establishment that she would have stayed, but would have caused unpleasant noise to other guests. At around 1am, “people started to complain about the noise coming from his hotel room,” the site said.

But Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almanzar, assured that it was not for nothing, as she explains in a video posted on her Instagram account (which has since been erased, then relayed by Pop Crave on Twitter above ).

In these images, the one who recently met Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopezbalance: “Albany is known to be racist, every time people of color New York are arrested and imprisoned there.They complain about the treatment inflicted by the police and I experienced that yesterday “ . According to the American artist who is cartonnees overseas, it would be because of her skin color that she would have been fired from the hotel.

His version of the facts

Listening to him, Cardi B would have done nothing wrong, however, she deleted the video in which she claims her innocence. In addition to declaring the staff to be racist, rapper Offset’s girlfriend also claimed not to have smoked a joint, contrary to what she would have been accused of. The new queen of rap US would have made neither noise nor smoked grass.

“The floor where I felt the grass, so the police came in the middle of the night, they knocked on the door of my manager and mine, and started telling us we were to smoke and we had to leave, “ she detailed, ” Now, if you know me you know I do not even talk about smoking grass because everyone knows it makes me paranoid. my team does not smoke.

One who was working in a striptease box in the Bronx before becoming a star on the charts even dropped: “If I have to be fired for something, ok, but for grass? I can not accept that because I do not smoke “ .