Katy Perry unveils behind-the-scenes of her “Witness: The Tour” tour

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Currently, on tour, Katy Perry unveils behind the scenes and preparing her “Witness: The Tour” on social networks. Look!

For over a month, Katy Perry has been touring the world for a grand tour. Costumes, giant flamingos and games of light, the singer knows how to make the show! On Twitter, she unveiled the preparation and behind the scenes of this tour.
” It takes a village to build a tour. #WITNESSTHETOUR with a different look. We tell you more about “Witness Katy Perry on #Xfinity! This message is accompanied by a clip on the Katy Perry’s Twitter. A video where you can discover behind the scenes of the tour with a testimony of two dancers from the group “Square Division” who accompany the singer.

An incredible tour


Antony and Ashley, the two dancers, tell us that this tour is ” crazy ” and that the goal of this show is ” to create something huge and daring “. In a ” futuristic ” atmosphere , Katy Perry and her dancers work every day ” on new ideas ” to advance the show.
A huge preparation that reveals the amount of work done to try to achieve the best possible concert every night. The star, who will turn 33 , in a few days, continues to honor his reputation as “Showgirl” during this tour.
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