The actress has attended the presentation of her new film, ‘Red Sparrow’, which opens on Friday, March 2.

The 27-year-old actress left her fans breathless when she revealed that she will temporarily leave the cinema to concentrate on the fight against corruption and political activism. In the coming months he will work in the non-profit organization Represent Us. This organization seeks to promote anti-corruption laws to eliminate bribes, irregular financing of political parties and promote their transparency. A decision he has made with the intention that “young people get involved at the local level with politics”. However, he has stopped on the road to promote his new movie, ‘Red Sparrow’, in New York, which will arrive in our cinemas next Friday, March 2.

 Jennifer has shared the limelight with her co-stars: Sasha Frolova, Kurt Froman, Isabella Boylston, Thekla Reuten, Mary-Louise Parker, Joel Edgerton, director Francis Lawrence and Joely Richardson.

New York is the second city that the actress visits to promote her new film. Jennifer already traveled to London, where she became the center of the controversy over the dress that chose controversy for the dress she chose, a very sexy ‘look’ that some branded as macho because of the scarcity of fabric for the cold temperatures of the capital British

However, the actress responded through her Twitter account defending her right to choose what to wear: ” Do you think I was going to cover this beautiful dress with a coat or a scarf? I was gone for 5 minutes. I dress because I love fashion and this was my decision “.