It’s hard to believe, but Charlize Theron (42, “Atomic Blonde” ) revealed in an interview that she has been consuming marijuana for many years. “For most of my life I was a wake-and-baker,” she explained “E! News “. So there were days in her past when she started killing right after getting up.

She was already “older” when she started killing. Marijuana has been able to gain much more from her than alcohol. When she was younger, she used to like to chop, but that had “just changed one day,” she continued. In her early 30s, she just “bored” when she smoked the intoxicant. The effect the drug had on her had changed, and so she just stopped consuming it.Today, however, Theron can imagine very well to start with the kiffen again. You are suffering from a severe form of sleep disorder. She would much rather find a suitable marijuana strain than just taking pills. “So if I have enough time for it, then I’m actually tackling it with my mother. My mom is sleeping pretty bad, too. “