Jennifer Lawrence in a new interview turned to her fellow celebrities and encouraged them to be more “honest” with their fans in matters of diet, weight loss and putting themselves in order.

The 28-year-old actress believes that it’s time for her colleagues to become more open with fans about weight issues – Jennifer is sick of the fact that many celebrities pretend that ideal bodies have gotten them by nature and do not require exhausting exercises or diets.

“I just like it when everyone behaves honestly. If you weigh 10 kg less than you need and tell how you eat only pizza and fried chicken all the time, your words will make people think worse of themselves, – Jennifer argues in an interview with InStyle. – I will not lie: if I’m preparing for the Oscar or the premiere of the film, I eat not , as usual,to get into all these chic dresses. And there is nothing embarrassing about this. “

Jennifer herself does not like sports very much, but admits that she feels best after exercising in the gym – “and it’s funny because I pay more for canceled training than for those that I really come to. But, when I’m in the hall, on the treadmill, I feel as if everything is in my power. “