Cristiano Ronaldo does not hesitate to put his own when it comes to advertising.

Cristiano Ronaldo is now on all fronts. The Portuguese footballer plays of course on the side of Juventus Turin. But marketing and business is becoming increasingly important in his schedule.

A new collection

Cristiano Ronaldo is more than just a football player. A true businessman, he also manages a chain of hotels that will soon launch a new project in Paris. As a bodybuilder, Cristiano Ronaldo can also claim incredible fitness. In other words, when he needs a model for an advertisement, he is the one who needs it.

So he got his hands dirty to launch the fall-winter collection of his underwear line. And as saying that it is a very original shot as it is almost naked in a ball pool. He is wearing only one of his new boxer shorts. A very funny photo shoot, according to him.

This is one of the most fun photo shoots I’ve ever had. I’m a big kid and it’s not every day that you can jump into a huge ball pool.

But since he remains a business-man, he then added a small marketing detail on his new collection.

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