Considered at first as a nice surprise, post-generic scenes have now become the norm and they are seriously beginning to inflate director James Mangold.

It’s true that at first, it was funny, besides being a nice gift. But if, remember the time of the first Marvel almost 10 years ago, when we were not sure that we would see an Avengers movie one day and that each post-generic scene was an event just as much as a beautiful promise. Aaaaah, it was a good time … Except that today it is a cliché of the kind and it is necessary to recognize that, for the greatest number, these sequences do not have any more really vital for the following the expansion of the universe.

And it’s a habit that particularly inflates James Mangold , director of  Logan – who was devoid of it – as he just confided in the 2018 panel of the Writer’s Guild Association Beyond Words in Los Angeles, and he does not chew his words:

“The idea of making a film that would annoy me is part of what anesthetizes this country or the world, and it confirms all the more what they already know, what they link to other fucking products to sell them (to the public, ed) the next movie while you’re doing yours, and all this shit that I find very embarrassing in the end.And the audience is currently asking for post-generic scenes then that they were first developed for nase movies, so they put something extra in the end to finish a movie that could not stand up on its own. “

A particularly sharp and acidic Mangold who does not hesitate to reject part of the fault on the public himself:

“Now we have literally addicted to these scenes, that’s fucking embarrassing, and that means you do not have the guts to keep your movie on your own, even if you have 100,000 Twittos betting on that. will be the next bonus scene, it’s still cheating, it’s cheating, and it’s those kinds of bad habits that make me horrifying, that became the norm when we make a movie and that’s what makes me scared, being one of those where everyone pats me on the back, I’ll feel like a big shit inside because I’ll know that I cheated, that’s the thing that makes me the most pinball right now. “

Hard and raw words, but that contain their share of truth. And it’s all about James Mangold not wanting to serve soup to his fans.