If Hollywood has been ruthless with its heritage for a few years using and abusing reboots and remakes, there are still some franchises that are spared. And we hope that will continue like this …

For some time now, you have been confessed, one feeds a deep anguish, an existential limit. We know it will happen one day, and we hope we will be on vacation disconnected networks when the announcement will fall, there will be a moment when we will be told that  Back to the future will be rebooted or remake. And we do not want to see that.

So far, it’s almost a miracle that it has not happened yet and we can thank the director of the trilogy, Robert Zemeckis , for standing firm against the call of money, who says that big it will be necessary to pass on the body to try to remake his films. This does not mean, however, that this universe is no longer active since we have just learned a rather unexpected news.

Indeed, if we believe the site Animenews network, a manga Back to the future will be published online on the site Kono manga ga sugoi! from next April. The announcement was made during the special Ready Player One night in Tokyo recently. The work will be drawn by Yuusuke Murata, known to fans for his feature series Eyeshield 21 and especially One Punch Man, the incredible manga of ONE with his stupid superheroes.

If we are told that the manga will resume the events of the first film, the first available illustrations contradict this statement since we can already see Clara Clayton, key character of the third film. That said, do not panic, it’s not an unconscious adaptation since the screenwriter of movies, Bob Gale, supervise very closely this transposition in manga.

We are very curious to see what this can give. By cons, we agree eh? It’s the only revival back to the future we’ll tolerate, ok?