Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies are a bit of a headache right now. After increasing strongly (probably too much), the dive is fierce: the bitcoin has flirted with the $ 20,000 to fall back in recent days around $ 8,000.

But who knows? Things can go up again without knowing why. We will be happy to have invested in the new Samsung processors dedicated to bitcoin mining, ethereum, and others. The manufacturer, which has become the world’s leading chip maker ahead of Intel, has confirmed that it is developing many processors for the business.

Need power

These chips are ASICs, or “application-specific integrated circuits”, ie processors specifically designed to handle a particular task. Usually, the engines of our PCs have to manage multiple processes; here it’s all about mining cryptocurrency. An operation that consists of solving mathematical problems whose complexity increases along with the number of mined bitcoins.

With the explosion of the prices of virtual currencies, the demand exists for high-performance chips capable of accelerating the processing of essential data to create virtual currency. Those who engage in this activity often use GPUs, but the appearance of these ASIC chips calibrated for this particular purpose shows that the needs are even greater.

Samsung and TSMC are working together on this project; TSMC, which is also Samsung’s competitor in the smartphone processor market, is already supplying chips to manufacturers specializing in cryptocurrency mining. With the sharp drop in prices, maybe the interest in this kind of solution will be reduced …