One point of the Caesar Ceremony rules states that it is now impossible to award the Caesar of the Best Achievement to the person who made the award-winning Cesar film for the best film.

If the result of the votes of the members shows a doubled, the César of the best realization is then given to the filmmaker happened second in the suffrages. Strange, do you say?

Joined by  La Presse , the Academy of Arts and Techniques of Cinema, which awards the Césars, justified this readjustment by evoking a desire to avoid a concentration of the charts around the same films.

Thus, an actor could not, either, be crowned best actor and best male hope (as was Tahar Rahim in 2010).

Since this readjustment was introduced two years ago, we will never know if, in fact, this new settlement point allowed Xavier Dolan to win in the category of Best Achievement last year (thanks to  Just the end of the world ) against Paul Verhoeven, director of Elle , sacred Caesar of the best film.

We must go back in 2015 to find the last doubled of the history of the Caesars:  Timbuktu had been crowned best film and Abderrahmane Sissako had obtained the César of the best realization.