The actor takes part in the filming of a new action movie.

October Sky star Jake Gyllenhaal has taken part in a new film that promises to be very exciting. Photos from the filming of the movie “Ambulance”, in which Jake plays the main role, were leaked to the Web.

The 40-year-old actor was spotted performing a very extreme stunt. He leaned out through the open ambulance door and literally hung on it as the car drove through a shallow body of water. Apparently, in this scene, an ambulance was chasing a helicopter on its way to the scene, and Jake’s character shot at it. It is noticeable that the actor performed this trick himself, without the help of understudies.

The film about the exciting everyday life of an ambulance was directed by Michael Bay, who has already shot the quite successful films Pearl Harbor and The Rock. Jake Gyllenhaal’s Ambulance is expected to be released next February. It is worth noting that the plot of the picture is still unknown. There is not much information on the web about what kind of story it will be, but judging by these photos, the film will be intense and full of wonderful moments.

Jake Gyllenhaal is not only quite a successful actor, but also an avid heartthrob. He was credited with many different novels with actresses, singers and models, but they were all short-lived.