The explosive interview of Prince Harry (36) and Meghan Markle (39) with Oprah Winfrey (67) has now been viewed by millions of people. In the special, the couple explained how they were treated by Buckingham Palace, but the British royal family has not responded to the allegations to date. Queen Elizabeth (94) would ‘refuse’ to issue a statement at this time.

Meghan and Harry made quite a few bold statements about the British royal family in their interview with Oprah. For example, there is said to be racism within Buckingham Palace: there was a discussion about the skin color of their then unborn son Archie . Queen Elizabeth and her staff are said to be in crisis talks about how to respond to the allegations, but are not yet finding the right time to make a statement. 

The Times reports that a statement has already been issued in which the British royals express their appreciation and love for Harry and Meghan, but that publication has been scrapped. With the statement they hoped to de-escalate the situation, but they believe it is too late for that now. According to The Telegraph  , it was a joint statement by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William. A palace employee told The Mirror that they are ‘trying to find the right tone’ and not ‘want to provoke even more violent reactions’.

It is not yet clear whether and when there will be a response from Buckingham Palace. Harry and Meghan made it clear after the interview that neither Queen Elizabeth nor Prince Philip was behind the discussions surrounding Archie’s skin color. They don’t want to say who it was. In the interview, Meghan also said that her psychological help was refused. The question is whether the British royal family will show their side of the story on these matters.