Hailey Bieber, 24, found her visit to a California prison “life-changing.” The top model visited prison on Friday with her husband Justin Bieber (27). “A day that changed my life in an incredible way,” Hailey writes on Instagram.

In addition, she shares a number of photos of herself with Justin in the state prison in Lancaster, a city in California. For example, the two can be seen walking hand in hand across the site.

During their visit, the couple talked to staff and inmates about the special religious programs the prison offers. “I will never forget the people we met and their incredible stories,” Hailey shares.

The two are also religious and one of the most famous followers of Judah and Chelsea Smith’s evangelical organization Churchome. Previously, the two were affiliated with the megachurch Hillsong Church, but Justin stepped back from that at the beginning of this year after a scandal involving pastor Carl Lenz, who was fired from the church because of an extramarital affair.