LeBron James joins forces with the Looney Tunes to win a basketball game that will save his son.

LeBron James is going to have to team up with Bugs Bunny. Warner Bros. unveiled on Saturday the first trailer for Space Jam: New Era , the highly anticipated sequel to the cult movie Space Jam released in 1996.

In the original film, basketball star Michael Jordan played his own role and found himself propelled into the world of Looney Tunes. There followed an adventure mixing cartoon and real shots during which he joined forces with Titi, Bip Bip, Daffy Duck and the others to win a crucial match.

This sequel features a similar starting plot: like Michael Jordan, LeBron James plays his own role and struggles to reconnect with his son. When the latter disappears, he too receives help from the Looney Tunes and forms a basketball team with them. To save his son, they will have to win a match against demonic creatures.

LeBron James will give the answer to Sonequa Martin-Green ( The Walking Dead ), who will play his wife, as well as Don Cheadle (War Machine in the Avengers saga ). Malcolm D. Lee’s feature film is due out on July 14 in France.