Family expansion is on the way for Kirsten Dunst (38) and Jesse Plemons (33). The actress posed with a big belly in W Magazine, officially confirming that she is pregnant again. 

The actress and her fiancé already have a son, Ennis, who is almost three years old. They also announced that pregnancy with a photo shoot, then in a publication by fashion house Rodarte. Still, that doesn’t seem the most comfortable way for Kirsten, who jokes in W: “All my photos were taken on the floor. Mainly because I can’t get up that easily anymore.”

Jesse and Kirsten met on the set of the second season of ‘Fargo’, in which they played a married couple. It got engaged in 2017 but is not yet married. In 2019, the actress said in an interview that she first wanted a second child so that she would not be pregnant at her wedding.