The fans of the Cupertino company were eager to get their hands on the smartphone. Unfortunately, some will have to wait!

If there are two smartphones that Apple aficionados want to have in their hands, these are the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. For these, the output of models sounds like Christmas and can not wait much more to remove the product. Unfortunately for them, Apple has officially communicated by email about delays in the removal of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max in the Apple Store. The Cupertino company does not really rely on the “last-minute logistical problems” that may have caused this inconvenience. It will take for those who have pre-ordered to be a little patient!

Delays for registered iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max orders



It is on the social networks that buyers of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have shared an email received from Apple. The latter informs them that the withdrawal of their pre-order from one of the two models has been delayed. Apple evokes a logistical problem without saying more about what may have caused a delay. In short, the aficionados of the apple who waited to get their hands on smartphones for several months, as rumors, say they are disappointed!

Thank you for your pre-order on the Apple Store. We realize that you really want to recover your new product.

Unfortunately, because of last-minute logistical issues, your order is not ready to be removed at the given time.

As soon as your order is ready, we will inform you by email.

We apologize for the delay in removing your new product. We are actively working to resolve this concern.

Unhappy fans of Apple have only one thing to do: wait.