Facebook would wait for the storm Cambridge Analytica to pass before presenting its brand new object.

Ah, the speakers connected. Appliances that are heavily relied on by tech firms for many months. Apple on its side unveiled its HomePod there is little while Amazon with Alexa still dominates the market. Facebook was also planning to launch its connected speaker but, lack of pot for the social network – who wants to democratize in just about anything and everything – the Cambridge Analytica case has arrived. A case in which the giant was accused of having delivered despite himself the personal data of its users via access – data that influenced the last American elections and the Brexit. Facebook was waiting for the pressure to come down to present its connected speaker.

A connected speaker presented after the Cambridge Analytica case

Will buyers forget the annoying tendency of Facebook to disseminate their personal data and let in a connected object created by them? The site of Mark Zuckerberg seems to believe it! According to the site Cheddar, Facebook will unveil next week its speaker connected in two versions: one to 300 dollars, the second – larger – to 400 dollars. A rare thing in objects of the genre, a screen would also be present! Cheddar evokes as Portal’s name and would bet, like Facebook, on the social. As if to reassure potential buyers, Cheddar says that Facebook’s connected speaker will be able to hide its sensors thanks to a device to prevent spying …

But then what virtual assistant will be present on the connected speaker of Facebook? Also according to Cheddar, it would be Alexa, developed by Amazon, the big winner. It must be said that the Google Assistant or Bixby are less efficient than the latter while Siri is reserved for iOS devices – while being well behind the competition.

Facebook will present its connected speaker next week as Cheddar predicts? Answer shortly!