28-year-old Taylor Swift ( Taylor Swift) has many fans around the world. But recently the singer something too often began to come across inadequate admirers.

In early April, Julius Sandroc, a fan of the singer, made his way to the Californian house Swift with a knife, in rubber gloves and in a mask. A little later, another lover of Taylor fan named Bruce Rowley robbed the bank and tossed the money for the fence of her house, in order to attract attention. In late April, Roger Alvarado also decided to go on a visit to the idol. He smashed the window of the New York house of the star and got inside. Taylor was away at that time. The man took a shower and went to bed in her bed.

Recently, the Texas police detained another fan of the singer. 26-year-old Eric Svarbrik from January pursued her, sending electronic and paper letters. Each of the 40 letters he told me in detail, how to rape Taylor, killed her, and then committed suicide.

n August, a man was detained while trying to get into the office of her Big Machine label in Nashville. He tried to convey part of his writings to Taylor personally. Soon Eric was released, and he continued to send letters with threats and erotic fantasies. She had to write an application to the police.

Now Svarbrik is in custody and awaits trial. He faces up to five years in prison and a fine of $ 250,000.