Most of the time when users upload photos to Instagram they come with the white space around because most of the time people use other application to crop the photos so they may fit in Instagram’s square cropping.
Instagram has dropped the acquirement for iOS and Andriod and now users can upload photos, by pinching or tapping a format button on the left to post their landscapes or portraits. Although squares feature is still available.

Initially it was hard for the users to upload the photos with their real look and feel but now they can. Photographers always hated the square feature as they were forced to fit their art into the build in square feature. This means that now user won’t have to use anytype of additional apps to crop the feature they would just upload the picture and it would come into the real shape and feel.

when Instagram started its founders choose to use the square, why they did so? The only reason we know from the Instagram’s story that it look beautiful. But today’s change have been introduced by Ashely Yuki, the product manager of Instagram.

One more tweak is also introduced: from now on filters on Instagram would be universal that means that you can use filters available for photo on videos and filters for vidoes could be used for photos.

Although these features has been announced but still many most of the users are complaining that they haven’t got these into their apps…… hope that these soon would be available to every user.