Google a tech tycoon year back launched first ever Android Wear Watches and now Google has come-up with bringing of IOS Support to the platform of its smartwatches with launching it Android wear mobile app in the Apple’s App Store today.
Although this is not a huge surprise because the announcement or launch has already been spoiled by Huawei with the announcement of iOS support for its upcoming Android Wear watch previously in last week. But this was a long waited steps by the google.

All the long waited step is a good one but it won’t be support some of the old devices already in the market. This iOS support would be supporting officially LG Watch Urbane and all upcoming Android Wear watches and it would include watches such as from Huawei, Asus and Motorola. Its seems that user having Moto 360 and other Android Wear watches of older version with an iphone would be able to pair infact andriod wear watches running Android Wear. 1.3.
Android wear watches running version older than 1.3 pre-loaded won’t be using this update.
Google’s spokesperson said about this update saying ““We wanted to make sure that iOS users would have a great experience with Android Wear out of the box. We’ve worked with manufacturers to ensure that the newest watches work really well with modern iPhones, but last year’s watches aren’t technically supported.”

This also has been said by the company that “Android watches need to be running the latest Android Wear release ouf of the box in order to streamlined setup pairing an iOS phone and Android watch.
All though this might be a disappointment for many iOS user but on the other hand its also a good news for the lots of users news version users so this may not be a that much big deal as it seems to be.

After pairing your watch with your iPhone the app would be compatible with the iPhone 5 and all the newer versions.
This also has been announced that “Not everyone wants the same kind of smartwatch, so offering people choice is important,”