One of the latest Virtual assistant has been launched by Facebook with the name of M Assistant. Facebook’s M assistant is in testing phase and has been launched. M Assistant is a messenger power with artificial intelligence that can merely answer you questions and complete tasks of yours. It can guide you or advice you to the best place to go and even can make reservations for your travelling or leisure trip. Although there are already lots of messenger or personal assistants which work virtually but they don’t work at their own on the other hand M assistant can do things at its own as buy things, deliver gifts, arrangement of of travel and reservations or anything which your mind can think of it. From onward when Facebook user would open their messenger they would receive a message by the Facebook to test the Best version of M Assistant. So gals and geeks lets try it out and lets see whats M Assistant of Facebook can offer us and what it can do for us. It might organize us more and can assist and in the virtual realm and hope that it would make us more productive.

By the launch of this gadget full of artificial intelligence  M Assistant FaceBook has escalated a War with other gadgets on the net. Super-powered Personal assistants are already in the market by Google, taskRabbit and they still are working to make them better. some like Apple’s Siri, Google Now or Cortana of Microsoft totally rely on technology, although these virtual assistants are used by many but they have their own limitations on the contrary M assistant won’t rely only on artificial intelligence but real people from Facebook would also be behind this project to solve your problems and assist you virtually.

How M Assistant of FaceBook would Work
In order to try M Assistant user would have to tap a small button at the bottom of their FB messenger to send a message or note to the M, just like the same as users send message to anyone else on the FB network. Software of M assistant will decode the natural language would ask some followup questions and on completion of task it would send you message threads and updates. Users of M won’t know thier answer or task has been done by the artificial intelligence or by the real person. M has no gender unlike Siri and Cortana.
M won’t rely only on the info index with facebook but real people would also be answering your questions.

Lets hope that M Assistant of Facebook is going to ease us bit more.