Henry will be back on YouTube Premium in a season 2 of Impulse.

After Cobra Kai in particular, it is the turn of Impulse to be offered a second season by YouTube Premium. It must be said that the show derived from the film Jumper by Doug Liman ( Edge of Tomorrow ) and the novel by Steven Gould seems to have met with success and a renewal was expected.

Impulse: a success for YouTube Premium

If you did not know it, Impulse follows Henrietta (Maddie Hasson), a teenager who is struggling to integrate into her new town of Reston. With her strong character and without friends, she stays away from others, until a traumatic event triggers her arrival of a power of teleportation that she can not control. A video to announce the season 2, always composed of 10 episodes of 45 minutes, which quite logically spoiles not bad the first one, was put online.


The first episodes available for free

Finally, note that the first three episodes of season 1 seem to be available for free on YouTube, including the pilot episode seen nearly 8 million times since early June, as follows: