Chloe Kardashian, 35, responded to users who criticized her one-year-old daughter Tru for pampering. The star decided to end the discussion of her personal spending on the Web.

Negative reaction of followers caused the video , which Chloe Kardashian shared in Instagram. The model showed , her daughter runs a toy pink Bentley.

Cute movie angered fans. “Great , another Kardashian in Bentley. You , guys , do not notice , how your excessive spending looks the part. I really liked the story of your family , and now I just can not see , as you descend all your money on useless materialism. It’s so sad, ”wrote one of the fans.

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The star response was not long in coming. Kardashian thanked the subscriber for , that he honestly expressed his opinion , and defended its position on this issue.

” Personally, I do not think , that we are all” the money does not get down useless materialism “. I am not here , to prove , that I do , and what is not “, – early participant in the show ” Keeping Up with the Kardashians. “

She asked me not to tell her , how to bring up a girl. “Yes , I decided to spoil my daughter. I want to spoil it with my love , as well as material things. And I also want to educate a person from her with his values , duties , deeds , respect and self-love. We all work hard , and we can spend our money on something , that we consider it necessary, “- commented Chloe.

Kardashian also responded to a question about how subscribers will , why it does not sacrifice the luxury cars the children of those mothers , who can not afford it. “I usually do not respond to these comments , but , baby , you have no idea , that I offer. Charity is something that people do not brag about, ”she said. Star Mom ended her speech with a call for reconciliation: “Let’s worry less about strangers , and more about ourselves!”