Life as a Kardashian is not always about roses. If you make a profession out of your body, that also means that you always have to look good. Khloé Kardashian can participate in this, because she had a hard time getting her baby kilos off.

In a preview for the new season of ‘Revenge Body’, the reality series in which Khloé helps people to lose weight, the Kardashian scion talks to mother Kris about the excess weight she had after her birth. “When after True’s birth (her daughter, ed.) I was back in the gym for the first time, I just couldn’t do anything anymore,” Khloé said. She had gained around 20 kilos during her pregnancy and the first weeks it was really hard, she says. “You really have to shock and sustain your body, and eventually the pounds started to disappear. I have been exercising every day for 30 days. Not necessarily very intense, sometimes it was only half an hour of cardio. I did what worked while True was sleeping. “

She has not yet lost all her excess kilos. “But I do feel comfortable,” it sounds. Mama Kris clearly agrees with that. “You look fantastic and healthy.” The mother of the Kardashians can also talk about extra baby weight. “When I gave birth to Kourtney (the oldest Kardashian sister, ed.), I didn’t fit in a pair of pants for a month,” said Kris. “You think that all that weight will come out with the baby, and then you wonder why all those pounds are still attached once you get home from the hospital. I thought I was a superwoman all the time, but I couldn’t get my jeans down on my knees. “