Filmstudio Sony is working on a reboot of the Look Who’s Talking film from 1989. That is what intended director and scriptwriter Jeremy Garelick told Deadline.

Look Who’s Talking was a surprise hit in 1989. The film cost 7.5 million dollars to make and brought in 300 million worldwide. In the film, Kirstie Alley played an accountant who became pregnant during an affair with her married boss. Her birth starts in a taxi, and driver James (John Travolta) takes her to the hospital and is at the birth of Mikey, who shares his thoughts with the public for the rest of the film.

Two sequels were made from the film, Look Who’s Talking Too (1990), in which Mikey has a sister and Look Who’s Talking Now (1993), in which it is the two dogs in the family who only make audible comments for the viewer.

In 2010 there was already a fourth film, which was going to be about an adult version of Mikey who now had a child of his own. However, that sequel never got off the ground.