The director of the film “Deadpool 2” David Litchch said that in the sequel to the sensational blockbuster there will be a famous actor in a very unexpected manner. If Taika Vaititi in the third “Torah” turned to Matt Damon, whose appearance was unexpected and very funny, Litch swung at once to Brad Pitt.

The fact that the new “Deadpool” will be a famous actor or actress, started talking back in March, when Zazi Bitz and Josh Brolin went to pre-shooting in Los Angeles. According to insiders, Pitt will play an invisible member of the X Squad – the team that Deadpool collects to fight with Cable. This character will be invisible throughout the movie and only at the end will appear for a few seconds. It turns out that it was this invisible fighter who was Brad Pitt. It is interesting that before receiving Brolin’s role of Cable, it was predicted exactly by Pitt, apparently, the director decided to please the fans after all. The film crew still does not confirm this information, hoping that the audience themselves will run to the cinemas to find out who the star who shot in “Deadpool 2”.

Deadpool2 Trailer