A new object connected in the boxes of the giant!

While Google dominates the operating system for mobiles with Android and launched a little more than a year ago its own model, the Google Pixel, the giant could carve a slice of the cake in another area. And this area, you guessed it, is none other than connected watches. According to Evan Blass, famous leaker always well informed and whose voice is a safe bet, the American giant would launch a range called Pixel Watch. A new market to conquer after connected speakers represented by the Google Home of a firm that wants to remain one of the leaders in the high-tech market.

A new market to conquer for Google


The connected watch market, currently dominated by the Cupertino company and its Apple Watch, may have a new and significant competitor. It’s on Twitter that leaker Evan Blass has announced the potential upcoming release of a Google stamped model called Pixel Watch. But that’s not all since the American giant would also prepare a successor to its connected headphones, Pixel Buds!

In addition to the Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and the second generation of Pixel Buds, a reliable source told me that the hardware event of this end of the year for Google would be the output of a connected watch Pixel.

Evan Blass was also supported by Roland Quandt, another leaker who claimed that three objects connected to the code names Ling, Triton and Sardine would be in Google’s projects. Objects that could be equipped with a Snapdragon processor. Despite formidable competitors in the market of new technologies and late launches, Google seems ready to carve a piece of the cake. The manufacturer has in any case a lot of ambition and the many connected objects should succeed one another in the years to come. It remains to be seen whether users, familiar for decades with Google, will follow or not the giant in his great adventure.