A decision related to this new aesthetic standard for smartphones.

For several months, many manufacturers have a notch: OnePlus, LG, Nokia, Huawei … A notch of discord that could become an aesthetic standard for the coming years in the smartphone world. A consequence of the release of an iPhone X, commercial success despite the predictions of analysts, who proudly displayed this visual detail. Google, which develops the Android operating system, seems decided to align with this adoption of most manufacturers. And for good reason: the next version of its operating system, Android P, should handle the notch and move the clock for better visibility.

A clock moved to handle the notch

The 2018 Google I / O conference is an opportunity for Android developers to bring more clarity to the next version of the upcoming operating system. A version that will manage the notch that many manufacturers today seem to adopt – much to the chagrin of some users. And while Android P Beta is available for many phones – including the future OnePlus 6 – new information about it has arrived during a Q & A session during the Google I / O conference.

Gadgets360 explains that a developer came back on the notch during this Q / A session. He explained that by ” moving the clock, we could create a consistent experience for Android smartphones whether they have a notch or not “. The clock will be located at the top left of the screen and no longer at the top right. A way to make the user experience fair that their smartphone has a notch or not. It will just take the latter to get used to a small change probably disturbing the first days.

Note that developers will also know what to look like an application on a smartphone notch. A proof that Google is very much focused on this new aesthetic aspect that should last a little while …