Henry Cavill, who played the role of Superman in three films about the superhero, would no longer play this role in future projects.

This is what insiders report to The Hollywood Reporter. Film company Warner Bros would no longer make future films in which Superman is discussed.

The intention was that Cavill, recently seen in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, would play a minor role as Superman in the upcoming superhero film Shazam!. These negotiations, however, did not take place through the busy schedule of the actor and this would have as a result that Cavill in future projects can no longer be seen in the role of the superhero.

Warner Bros is currently working on the new project  Supergirl, about the eponymous teen superheroine. Superman appears in this movie, but the character is still a teenager in the story, so he can not be played by Cavill.

Cavill played Superman in Man of Steel (2013), Batman v. Superman(2016) and in the superhero movie Justice League, which appeared last year.