The production of this brand new show adapted from a video game comes after the formalization of The Witcher by Netflix.

Let it be said: Alan Wake was a good game to potential wasted by his production delays. While the title was to be an open world, the latter quickly turned into a game chaining the linear chapters. Fortunately, Alan Wake was able to count on his unique, learned mix of Stephen King, Twin Peaks and other stories nestled deep in the heart of America. With this solid script base, Remedy has just announced the launch of a television series! A television series whose first details were given to the very serious Variety by Sam Lake, screenwriter for the studio behind Alan Wake.

Alan Wake goes into production in October


This is the good news of the day for fans of Alan Wake: the universe will be extended through a television series. Sam Lake, screenwriter for Remedy who developed the game, is already named as executive producer. In other words, the television work should respect the videogame work. As for the showrunner, it is neither more nor less than Peter Calloway – who directed episodes of Legion or Under The Dome.

According to Variety, who has obtained the information about this adaptation, it is from October that the production will begin while the original scenario should be articulated around the secondary characters of the game Alan Wake. It remains to know who will play the famous writer suffering from the syndrome of the white sheet. It is always for Variety that Sam Lake has given more information on this adaptation.

The story of the basic game is our starting point. The seed will ripen and then become a bigger story that we will develop in the show. We intend to extend the mythology of this dark and sick universe, plunge even further into certain aspects that were not present in the game.