Asked about the couple formed by his niece Hailey and Justin Bieber, Alec Baldwin did not hesitate to provide them with valuable advice so that their marriage works perfectly. Happy husband and father of five children, the actor has given them his secret recipe so that they can find the family happiness.

Last May, Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria welcomed little Romeo, the fourth child born of the fruits of their love. Before joining the 34-year-old yoga teacher, the star of 30 Rock had a great story with actress Kim Basinger. From their relationship will be born Ireland, which will celebrate its 23 years on October 23 and has already imposed a model to follow very closely.

On her Instagram account, the young woman regularly publishes very sexy shots, which can sometimes annoy his father extremely considerate. Last August, Ireland Baldwin took a pose on a motorcycle in a black swimsuit and was quickly reframed by the actor. ”  No. Just … no  “only wrote in comment Alec Baldwin, famous for his pithy replicas, which of course made the model’s followers yell with laughter.

Coming from a large family since he grew up alongside two sisters and three brothers, Alec Baldwin does not hesitate to give advice to his nephews and nieces. Interviewed by Canadian media ETalk, the 60-year-old actorrecently commented on the love story between Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber . Daughter of her brother Stephen, known for his role in Usual Suspects, the 21-year-old model received a recommendation from her uncle to have her wedding as long as possible.


”  Justin Bieber is at the top of his career,  ” said Alec Baldwin first, probably suggesting that the singer is very often caught up in his professional duties. ”  People are getting married young … And they are young! If you want a happy marriage, you have to spend time together,  “added the Infiltrated star and Not So Simple. For the actor, it is, therefore, necessary to know how to put his career in parentheses to fully enjoy the family happiness. ” I am a little older than them but I got married a few years ago. I had four children in four years. And since then, I do everything according to my family. I have proposals to shoot in movies. I am asked to leave five weeks. I refuse because I do not want to be away from them. I hope they realize it,  “concluded the comedian, who would like to see his niece and future husband as fulfilled as his partner and him. Let’s just hope that the young stars will know how to listen to the voice of wisdom …