Those who have already come to terms with the death of Iron Man will have to get handkerchiefs again.

Tony Stark became the first hero of the Marvel Cinema Universe, and parting with him was not easy for fans. And the official script for Avengers: The Finale, which Disney shared on the eve of the Oscars, only widened the wound. As it turned out, the last words Tony said on the screen were not included in the role text. He said only:

Hi Pep.

Perhaps this was one of the many improvisations of Robert Downey Jr., but in the end the last thoughts of the character were not expressed.

Hearing from Friday that Stark’s life is about to end, Potts tells Tony:

Look at me. Everything will be fine with us.

And according to the script, Stark had to look at her with tears in his eyes and say only one word:


The script notes that when Pepper pulls away, she sees that Tony’s eyes are motionless. And in the ensuing silence, all the heroes gather, “taking on the weight of what just happened.”

Joe Russo admitted that these words were a regret that Tony was not able to stay with his family and raise Morgan. He wanted to resign and just be a loving husband and father, but fate judged otherwise.

Downey Jr. brilliantly played a role, and hardly anyone would argue with this. Therefore, now fans are most concerned about whether the actor will be in the list of nominees for the Oscars. It is not long to wait: the names of the applicants for the statuette will be announced on January 13, 2020.