The singer wants to get rid of a facial scar, which was the result of an unpleasant fall at her Nashville home.

Carrie Underwood may undergo further plastic surgery in the future to get rid of a facial scar, which was the result of an unpleasant fall she experienced outside her home in the Nashville area in November 2017.

The fall, which was described as a “strange accident,” left the country music star with a broken doll and she needed at least 40 stitches. After the treatment, the 35-year-old ‘Cry Pretty’ singer had a scar on the side of her face that ran from her nose to her lip.

“She has a wound from the nose to the lip, and no amount of makeup or filler will hide it. So he faces another trip to the plastic surgeon. Carrie is extremely aware of her appearance and demands the approval of photos and touch-ups in her promotional material and on the lens for television performances, ”a source told Star magazine.

Although he managed to cover the scar with the magic of makeup so fans could barely see it in his photos, videos or performances in public, Carrie remained aware of the brand, something he even tackled on social media and media in October of 2018. She posted a selfie where she was covered in multicolored makeup, which was taken during the filming of her music video for ‘Love Wins’, which was released on September 11.

In the foreground, his scar was very obvious to his fans, although most of them told him that she looked beautiful despite the mark.

Carrie, on the other hand, made it clear to her fans that she did not agree with the scar since, according to her, it is a painful reminder of the event, which was affecting her both physically and emotionally.