Obviously, Tarantino is absolutely sincere in his confessions that he himself does not yet know what his last film will be about.

Information that Quentin Tarantino can undertake the production of a film from the universe of Star Trek appeared in 2017. Having formed a creative duet with JJ Abrams, Tarantino considered the option of creating a film that would receive an “adult” rating of R, but now the illustrious director said that this project will probably never be realized.

Perhaps I will abandon this idea, but time will tell. Until I made a final decision. I also had no conversations with other people involved in the project. There is currently no official information,

– Tarantino shared in an interview with Deadline.

Recall, Tarantino has repeatedly stated that during his directorial career, he intends to shoot only 10 films, after which he plans to retire. The drama “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” became the ninth picture for the director, so the excitement around his next film is explainable. Many hope that this will be the third part of “Kill Bill”, although it is possible that Tarantino will come up with something completely new again – for example, a small film that will become the epilogue of his career.

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At the same time, the director himself is not yet sure what his next project will be. Tarantino admitted that at some point he thought that he should finish his career with the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.